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Breaking Records

Duration Record

Remained aloft for 8hrs 23mins to win the Michelin Cup

Height Records

11,450 feet

10,800 feet with 2 passengers

8,400 feet with 3 passenger (World record)

12,000 feet with one passenger

Australian record of 7,800 feet in Albury, N.S.W. (1914)

New record of 18,393 feet

New record of 24,408 feet (World record)

Efficiency Records

Ascending at a rate of 1,200 feet per Min.

Covering a set course at 98 miles/hr, then same course at 36 miles/hr,

this variation test set a world record.

Distance Record

Nearly 1,000 miles over water during around Britain attempt, creating a world record

First British subject to win the "Singer" Competition for amphibious craft (Flying Boat)

Won numerous "point to point" speed races

First pilot to "Loop the Loop" in a Seaplane

World record of 105.15 miles/hr in a 1.5lt car (Brooklands Race track)

First to attempt the flight across the Atlantic (St Johns, Canada to England)

This epic voyage prompted Banjo Patterson to write his poem "Hawker The Standard Bearer"

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