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Project Hawker 


It is 100 years since Harry Hawker and Harry Kauper competed in the Circuit of Britain Race - Daily Mail. The race was 1540 miles. Harry flew 1000 miles and crashed just north of Dublin at Loughshinny

Thank you Mairtin de Barra for the following Harry Hawker Centenary Celebration Loughshinny 2013 youtube clip

Harry Hawker Centenary Celebrations Loughshinny 2013

Project Hawker 2013 commemorated the flight in a 70 year old Catalina G-PBYA following the original flight path of 1540 miles as closely as possible. Keeping in mind that the Catalina was built only 30 years after Harrys attempt. 

Jeff Boyling (pilot) was born in Australia as was Harry Hawker. For more information about the commemorative flight visit

We are extremely proud of Jeff and the team Projecthawker2013 and congratulate them all on a successful commemorative flight, and not forgetting their families who supported them.  

On the 21st August 2013 Dianne (from Western Australia) was standing on the beach at Gorleston-on-Sea with her friends from England Henry, Val and Joan with an Australian flag sent to Dianne from Melbourne, Victoria. Harrys home state. 

The flag was sent to Dianne in WA. Dianne carried it with her to England. A couple of days after arriving in England, Dianne and her friends were standing on the beach at Gorleston-on-Sea with the Australian flag. 

Dianne (nee Hawker) is a distant relative of Harry Hawkers. It was a very proud and emotional time for Dianne to know that Harry once landed on the beach at Gorleston-on-Sea, not that far from where she was standing in 1914 on his flight around the circuit of Britain, and here she was with an Australian flag, sent to her in Western Australia by Harry's brother's (Bert) Grandson from Melbourne.

The Catalina flew right over Dianne and her friends standing on the beach, acknowledging them.

Below are photos from Dianne.

Jeff Boyling, Project Hawker 2013, Catalina G-PBYA flying over Gorleston-on-Sea on Wednesday 21st August

The Catalina G-PBYA flying over Dianne and her friends on the beach at


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