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The Harry Hawker Memorial

Location: Second Avenue, Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) Airport. Moorabbin. 3104

On Sunday the 7th December 1969 at 2.30pm more than 2000 people gathered at the Moorabbin Airport for the dedication of the memorial to Harry Hawker. 

Those attending the ceremony included Sir Donald Anderson, Director of Civil Aviation, Lord Mayor, Cr. L. R. Coates, Captain Horrie Miller, Director of Mac Robertson - Miller Airlines attended the ceremony after flying from Broome, Western Australia. Captain Miller had worked with Harry Hawker for Sopwith in England. Mrs Lucy Campbell of Lane Cove, Sydney. Mr Everest Le Page, who had attended school with Harry and was also a former mayor. Mrs Campbell was a close friend of Harry's before he left for England to learn to fly. Tom Sheehy, historian, Mr Leslie Blake, President of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Mr George Allan, Royal Air Force Association, Bob Chamberlain, and Jim (Harry) Hawker, both nephews of Harry Hawker.

Sir Donald Anderson, Director of Civil Aviation is quoted from an article below 'Sir Donald said he believed that if Hawker had been born later, he was the kind of man who would have pioneered space travel. He was in fact, a great pioneer in a very special way and it was fitting that he should be remembered at the place of birth.'

Three years prior a public meeting was called by Mayor, Cr. H Stevens and a public appeal for funds to build the Hawker memorial was launched. The appeal raised $1850 and Moorabbin Council added $620 to cover the cost of the memorial.

The article goes onto say that the memorial site was set aside by the Department of Civil Aviation. The memorial was designed by Mr Bernie Snoodyk. There were plans for the future to place a bust of Hawker on the stone which is at the front of the memorial.

The following articles are from collection given to me by my Uncle Jim (Harry) Hawker nephew of Harry Hawker. I apologise but the exact dates and sources unknown.

The Man They Forgot

Building a Memorial to Harry Hawker. Funds raised by public donation and Moorabbin Council.

'Although his name has been coupled with many types of British aircraft Harry Hawker was virtually unhonoured and unsung in his home town, until local historian Mr. Tom Sheehy re-told the story. Three years ago the then Mayor called a public meeting and a public appeal for funds to build the Hawker Memorial was launched. The appeal raised $1850 and the Moorabbin Council added $620 to cover the cost of the memorial.'

The official opening of the Harry Hawker Memorial

An invitation to the Official Opening of the Memorial to the Late Harry Hawker Moorabbin Airport, Sunday 7th December 1969 at 2.30pm.

Afternoon tea was served to official guests in the dining room of the Royal Victorian Aero Club at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Moorabbin's forgotten hero is remembered

The official opening and dedication of the Harry Hawker Memorial on 7th December 1969 situated at the Moorabbin Airport.

Harry is remembered in is home town, and his birth place Moorabbin.

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