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  Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) Airport

       After more than 25 years of lobbying from the Moorabbin Council, the Aviation Historical Society, Tom Sheehy, together with Hawker family members including Harry's nephews Bob Chamberlain, Harry (Jim) Hawker, Moorabbin Airport was renamed to

Moorabbin (Harry Hawker) Airport

on the

22nd January 1989

This was also the anniversary date of Harry George Hawker's

100th birthday. 

Quotes from the Sun Newspaper 23rd January 1989

"At last the man they believe to be the finest Australian pioneering aviator

in history will be acknowledge" 

"The Transport and Communications Minister, Mr Willis, finally ratified

the push to rename the airport on Thursday, in time for Harry's birthday."  

Mayor of Moorabbin Councillor Rod Brownless (in the robe) is pictured below,

unveiling the plaque for the rededication of the Harry Hawker Memorial at the airport.

  Photos taken by Judy Hawker and Harry Kirkland

The Sun, Monday, January 23 1989

 The article above: Pilot John Pettit flew a replica Sopwith Pup during the celebrations of renaming the airport.

(NB: Please note column 4 beginning "In 1918, he was the....."

is incorrect. Harry did not return to Australia after his trip in 1914.)

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